Niche Markets in eBooks and Print (for Writers)

Sunday September 4 2016. 4:00pm


What are niche markets for writers, and what are the special considerations that writers face when writing for them? Are there truly financial opportunities to be had in writing for niche markets? What makes the most business sense?


  • Sascha Illyvich(M) – Website | Twitter
  • Andrew Greenberg
  • Gail Z. Martin – Website | Twitter | Wikipedia
  • Holly Bryant-Simpson
  • Nico Murray
  • Tyra Burton
  • Alex Hofelich
  • EJ Stevens
  • Elaine Calloway
  • Stephanie Burke


Hilton room 208-209
Attendance – 47


Audio files: NicheMarketsEbooksPrint.mp3 [MP3 Audio – 128.13 MB] | NicheMarketsEbooksPrint.ogg [OGG – 33.22 MB]


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