Electronic Frontiers Forums at Dragon Con (Atlanta, GA; Sept. 4 – 7, 2015)

Dragon Con

Electronic Frontiers Forums is a series of lectures and panels given at the Dragon Con Science Fiction Convention each year on Labor Day weekend in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Originally inspired by the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference, Electronic Frontiers Forums has taken on a life of its own by bringing some of the best technical and legal minds together to hash out the future and have a little fun along the way.

Worried about freedom of speech, privacy, and your rights on line? So are we! Now in it’s seventeenth year, Electronic Frontiers Forums covers your rights on the Internet and the latest trends in online media. Topics include online privacy, security, freedom of expression, intellectual property, online activism, social networking, online publishing, and multi-player gaming.


Update (9/13/2015): Crypto Challenge solutions are now posted! See link at left.

Update (10/7/2015): Audio has been posted for the 2015 convention and can be found on the schedule page, along with photos, video and audio for each panel on their individual posts.

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