Electronic Frontiers Forums at Dragon Con (Atlanta, GA; Aug. 30 – Sept. 3, 2018)

Thanks for another incredible year in 2018! Finally, all video, audio, and pictures are now posted! Please see individual panel pages on the 2018 schedule for all video, audio, and photo links.

Electronic Frontiers Forums is a series of lectures and panels given at the Dragon Con Science Fiction Convention each year on Labor Day weekend in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Originally inspired by the Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Conference, Electronic Frontiers Forums has taken on a life of its own by bringing some of the best technical and legal minds together to hash out the future and have a little fun along the way.

With the death of Net Neutrality, the introduction of SESTA/FOSTA, the CLOUD Act, Georgia’s own SB 315, and possibly even the end of secure encryption for the sake of government investigations, our rights and our livelihoods are under attack like never before. Electronic Frontiers Forums covers pressing issues of the day at the intersection of technology, law, activism, and our own personal liberties. We bring together the best minds in these areas to chart our shared future and call out the dangers and risks while also highlighting the promise that the future could bring.

If you would like to offer to be a presenter or join our volunteer staff, please contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or by using the contact form.


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